Brochure and information


KANDE BEACH was established in 1993 by over land drivers dave barton, andy kibby and andy pearce, and is geared up to cater for over land tour groups, back packers and adventurous travelers.

For overland trucks and tour groups we offer free crew rooms. There are 6 twin bed crew rooms in all as well as 3 bed spaces on the adjoining khonde for when there is extra crew members or cooks. There is also a crew dorm with 8 beds and an en-suite bathroom for when we are busy.
We can accommodate up to 10 trucks all full (16-26 pax each) on our camping site, providing shaded areas for tents shelters for truck parking, power and water and cooking fire places, sinks etc. there are 3 toilet and shower blocks all with hot water geysers and pressure pumps (for great hot showers) and our lodge is amply stocked to cater for this amount of guests at any time.
We have a small workshop where we can do welding and cutting/drilling etc. and an extensive range of tools and our management team is made up of ex-overland crew with over 20 years experience of truck mechanics, over landing and logistics. We have contacts within Malawi for spare parts for most vehicles and trucks and engineering workshops both in mzuzu and Lilongwe where we can direct you for assistance.
We can provide assistance for breakdowns and bus hire if your truck runs into problems within the north of Malawi, we also have reliable vehicles on hand in the case of medical emergencies etc.
Our business is fully insured both with public and private liability policy’s and we are a registered limited company with over 20 years experience operating in the over land truck and budget travel market.
The owner and founder of kande beach, dave barton is an ex tour leader and driver over landing through west and central Africa in the mid 1980’s completing 5 trans Africa (London to Nairobi) trips and over 30 east Africa trips between 1987 and 1994 using ex army 4×4 trucks with average groups of 20 people.
In 1994 on one of his trips through Ethiopia and northern Kenya his was the first overland truck back into Ethiopia after the 27 years war there. The trip was filmed and shown on the discovery channel throughout Europe and Australia., called Africa the hard way. You can see an excerpt of this documentary by following the link